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Manual & Auto Gears

The most commonly selected option for pupils undertaking an intensive driving course is Manual. Passing your test in a manual geared car allows you to drive both manual and automatic cars. We do however, cater for automatic in most areas if you require it!

driving course

These usually take 3-8 weeks, depending on how many hours you choose. It’s only recommended to do 15-45 hours over a longer period. The practical test will be completed in the very final hour of the driving course and if the theory test is required, we can also book this for you, we would book this at the very start of the course, usually before any lessons go ahead.

1-2 Week Intensive
driving courses

We specialise in one week intensive driving courses, so that you can obtain your driving licence at extremely short notice. Larger courses are sometimes arranged over more than one week at the pupils and instructors discretion.

Mock tests

Intensive driving courses are designed to accelerate your learning, so you may need fewer lessons overall to reach the standard required to pass  your driving test. Mock tests may be provided to help you prepare for the real deal at the end of the course.

Further Detailed Information...

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